Goodnight Santa

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It’s Christmas Eve, and time to go to sleep. But while children all over the world snuggle up and close their eyes Santa is getting everything ready for his busiest night of the year.

With a lyrical rhyme and adorable illustrations, this festive book is the perfect bedtime story.

Michelle Robinson has always wanted to be an author like her hero Roald Dahl, but all they had in common was the same birthday and a love of chocolate. Now at last, Michelle is a real author too. She lives in Frome, Somerset with her husband, son and daughter. Visit her at

Nick East has been working as a museum designer for the past 16 years but has always been a storyteller, whether as a child, filling sketchbooks with quirky characters, or as a designer displaying a collection of ancient artifacts. Nick lives near York with his wife and two children and, when he isn’t drawing, he is out riding bikes and spending time with his family.

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