The Cockerel and the Fox


Chanticleer the vain cockerel rules the roost at the farm and is loved by all. But pride comes before the fall.

When a cunning fox trespasses at the farm it doesn’t take too much flattery to set Chanticleer at ease and soon he is parading his famous crow without the slightest concern. Without delay the sly fox takes his chance, grabbing Chanticleer by his exposed throat and rushing off with him into the surrounding woodland. But all is not lost and Chanticleer is not the only one so easily tricked.

Convinced by Chanticleer that the other animals do not realise how clever he is, the fox opens his mouth to boast, only to lose his prize and allow Chanticleer the opportunity for escape.

A beautiful retelling of a classic fable from the award winning author/illustrator, Helen Ward.

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