Yoga for Kids


Simple first steps in yoga and mindfulness for your little one to discover!

Yoga for Kids is a great way to teach your children about yoga, mindfulness, meditation and peace – whilst having fun at the same time! This all-encompassing guide includes everything you need to know about yoga for children. Encourage your child’s curiosity as they explore simple variations of much-loved yoga poses, from the comfort of your own home!

Dive straight in to discover:

-Over 25 simple poses and yoga activities to explore
-How to achieve maximum mindfulness and fun throughout each activity
-Colourful illustrations and photographs showing yoga poses for kids to copy
-Higher-level information allows parents to understand and ensure safety behind each pose

Yoga for Kids aims to teach children all about yoga and mindfulness using a strongly visual approach. Featuring exercises for the parents and children to explore independently or together, whether it’s stretching into tree pose, bending into butterfly pose, succeeding with sun salutation or doing downward dog, your child can explore a series of fun and engaging yoga poses that’ll keep them entertained for hours! Follow the activities presented in this yoga guide, and your little one can learn how to perfect their poses and become stronger and more confident too!

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