Zoe and Chloe On The Prowl

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Zoe and Chloe need escorts for the forthcoming Ball, and one thing’s certain: they’re definitely not going to go with their mates Fergus and Toby who are simply not dreamboat material. Zoe yearns hopelessly for glamorous Oliver Wyatt: Chloe gets swept off her feet by dangerous Beast Hawkins. More realistically, they also advertise for young men to help with an “exciting project”. Zoe, everybody’s minder, also has to help her older sister Tam out of a serious fix. Zoe’s struggles to rescue Chloe and Tam have to be scheduled alongside some excruciating interviews with various boys who have replied to their ad. Alas, the boys who have applied bring a heap of problems with them… Zoe and Chloe are at their wits’ end, when suddenly, out of left field, an amazing solution appears. The experience is mind-blowingly liberating.

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